Don't LOL & Drive! | Semiotic Postcard Design

With the world being so technologically dependent nowadays, you rarely see anyone on the streets without their cellphone in their hands. It is an integral part of life, so integral that people tend to ride on the wild side and bring it with them while they are behind the wheel. Distracted driving is one of the major causes of tragic accidents nowadays so a cracked cellphone and a strong tagline were the elements used to deliver the message loud and clear. If you text while driving, no one is going to LOL — laugh out loud — when they attend your funeral. The colour scheme took inspiration from caution signs to further drive the point home that this postcard is meant to serve as a warning.

The secondary design was made to look like a traffic light with the cellphones and SMS language acting as the lights, keeping the message short and sweet. It is consistent with the sharp and punchy aesthetic the initial design has, and also comes with a simple tagline: it can wait. Your friend can wait on a response because your life is worth so much more than a cracked cellphone and a LOL.
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